Friday, December 9, 2011

My Holy Grail Makeup Products!

     Hello everybody! I'm so sorry I haven't done a post in a while! But, I'm back home and I'll be posting regularly now:) So, today I'm just going to tell you about my favorite makeup products:) In order from face to eyes to lips. I hope it's interesting enough!:D

     So, I have talked about all of these products before. they're basically in every one of my tutorials. Which shows you how much I love them! Let's break it down.

Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation- I only wear foundation about three or four times a week, but when I do, my skin looks so much better!! This is a light to medium coverage foundation, but it's very buildable. If you put on an extra layer or two, it can easily reach full coverage-with no cakeyness. That's the main reason I love this product. It looks so natural! It just morphs in with your skin and makes you look amazing. When i wear this I just put on a light layer, just to cover up some of my redness because I get really red skin. But, if I have bad skin one day, I'll put on an extra layer, and most of my acne seems to disapear. And you can't even feel it. That's the point of the natureluxe line, though. They say its lighter than air. And it really is!

Covergirl Loose Powder- I love this. So much. I've had it for a year now and half of it is still left! This is my everyday go-to powder to set my foundation and control oil. It looks really boring, just some powder in a brown container. It makes you unexcited to buy it. But you'll be so happy if you do!! It looks so natural, it controls oil AMAZINGLY, and it lasts all day. I mean really, all day. You'll need to reapply after you work out, but if you don't, you're good. That's what I love about it! Put it on and forget about it!

Neautrogena Brightening Eye Perfector Under Eye Concealer- This is either my third or fourth tube of this product. That's saying a lot because I usually don't repurchase things that much! This eye concealer is so uncakey, and it covers EVERYTHING up. Love it!

     Now for my favorite part- the eyes! I use all of these products all of the time, and they HAD to be mentioned. I would have put a favorite eyeliner or mascara, but I don't really have any. Well, I do. (The ones I've been into lately) But when they run out, I'd probably graduate to others. So they're favorites, but not holy grail products!

Urban Decay Primer Potion- Love this to death! Because of this, my eyeshadows always stay put.

Urban Decay NAKED Palette- Yeah... I like Urban Decay. I always use this palette in my tutuorials. It just has great, neutral colors (neutral is basically all i use) that are crazy pigmented. Definatly worth the $50! (Well, I got it as a gift.. But I would but it(; )

Almay Eyeshadow Trio in 003 for Hazel Eyes- Yes, I know, I have blue eyes. But that doesn't mean I can't use this! I originally got it for the pink color, because of my Barbie Halloween costume, but i have used it so much since! Not really the pink color, but the champagne and brown color get used way too much! Almost every single day I'll put the champagne color from my lid all the way to the brownbone, and use the brown to add dimension to my crease. Very natural looking, but absolutely stunning:)

     So this is kind of a holy grail product. I only got this a week or two ago, but I know for a fact I'm going to buy these forever!

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Moisturizer in Peppermint- I'm sure you guys have heard of the babylips before. It's just a lip balm, but it's supposed to be clinically tested and it will make your lips less dry in four weeks I think it is? I've been using it since the day I got it, and I've seen a complete difference in my lips! I got it in a clear color, but I want to get it in a whole bunch of colors! I love this to death, and I recommend you guys look into it.

     So that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I am in love with all of these products, and I would buy all of them again and again. Tell me if you've tried any of these, and what your holy grail products are! Byebye;)

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