Saturday, October 8, 2011

Clearing Things Up- Part 3

     Hi beauties! So... my skin is better!!:D It's so awesome! I am so proud of myself. Over the past couple weeks I haven't worn face makeup, I've kept my bangs out of my face, I've been exfoliating more, and I've been putting on moisturizer! All of these things really helped! Let me break it down.
     For info. on my not wearing makeup, click here.:)
     Keeping my bangs out of my face has helped a bunch, too! I'd just clip them away, braid them back, or straighten and spray them so they stay out of my face. That really helped my forehead acne go away. Just all the oils from my hair kept dripping on my face I guess (ew! dripping! It wasn't actually... Oh, you know what I mean) so it caused my forehead to breakout. But not anymore! :D
     And we all know we're supposed to exfoliate once to three times a week, but I never really did. If I saw something online about exfoliating, I'd remember and go exfoliate my face. But that only happened like once a month. But I've been exfoliating twice a week and it helps soooo much!! I use the Neutrogena Naturals Face Scrub, and it makes my skin super smooth. I never really liked scrubs because they irritated my skin, but this one doesn't! The little exfoliated beads are so tiny that you can't even feel them scratch all the dead skin off. It's amazing. So i would just exfoliate in the morning some days and it would make my skin look so glowy and refreshed.
     As for moisturizer, I finally got some! I got this great kind (which I will mention in my September Favorites Post) but i ran out and couldn't find it anywhere. So, I tried a couple other kinds but all they did was make my skin oily. It was horrible! Then, one day last week, I found my moisturizer at Safeway!! I got so excited. So I bought it right away and every time I put it on my skin looks so much brighter and healthier. Never skip out on moisturizer!!!
     So that's about it! I'm still going to make a couple more clearing things up posts, but I think my skin is mostly better. Wooo!!:D Love you guys! xoxo

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