Saturday, October 22, 2011

Clearing Things Up- Part 4

     Hello everybody! So, yeah, after my last post my skin starting to break out again. Now I have it almost back under control. :P Before I kind of just made sure I cleanser very well and exfoliated, but now I've been using more spot treatments and such. They really work! I use different kinds depending on what I think will work best for my situation. I have a clearasil night time salicylic acid spot treatment and some benzoyle peroxide spot treatment I got from my hair dresser. I also have this Neutrogena spot pen with salicylic acid that I keep in my bad go reapply during the day when I'm at school or with friends. So really, I kinda hop around from spot treatment to spot treatment every day. They seem to be working. Which of the 3 are helping? No idea hahaha.
     But, my friend told me the other day that Neosporin is supposed to be great for acne. So, last night I put it on as a spot treatment, and this morning I mixed it with my moisturizer. It actually seems to be clearing it up really good!! I'll tell you if it works!
     Well, that's pretty much it!! Bye everyone:) xoxoxo


  1. Have you tried proactive? I know some people hate it, some - love it. I've been using it for 2 years, it works for me. I want to see if neosporin helps

  2. I have tried proactive, actually. It was really good at clearing up acne, but it made my skin really dry. At least it works for you!!:) And the neosporin actually really helped me! It took away my blemisha dn didn't leave behind an acne scar! You shoukd try it

    xoxoxo kelly