Monday, August 1, 2011

Benefit's Posie Tint Review

     I went to Sephora recently and picked up a sample set of bene-tint lip & cheek stain, posie tint lip & cheek stain, and high beam liquid highlighter for only $15! I liked all three, but I completely fell in love with Posie Tint. It's a very soft light pink color, and it looks very natural. All Benefit highlighters and stains come in this really cute nailpolish-like container. I love it, but a lot of people don't like the applicator. If you don't, you can dab a little bit on your hand, then apply it to your cheeks with a stippling brush, lip brush, blush brush, or just your fingers.
    I love blushes and cheek stains, but it's really hard  for me to find a color this soft. I find that many cheek stains stand out way too much, while if I try to buy a soft pink powder blush, it doesn't stand out enough. This frustrates me SO much. But finally I found a color that works for me!:) I really recommend this color for people with pale skin, because even the littlest color really stands out. So a soft pink like this is a lot better than a dark red. You want a little flush, not a rampage of color:)
     Posie-tint is also a BEAUTIFUL lip stain. It's shiny, and a has a very kissable color. But make sure to but some lip balm on before or after you apply, so you don't dry out your lips.
    I do assure you, if you have pale skin, this will work for you! Although, if you have a different skin tone, this will defiantly still work for you! I have a couple friends with olive and dark skin tones and they still love Posie Tint. Remember, I bought this for $15 for a sample of posie-tint, bene-tint, and high beam. If you guys want me to review the other two, tell me! I'm happy to do whatever.:) If you want a whole bottle, it costs $29 at Sephora. Click here to check it out!                                                  


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