Friday, August 5, 2011

Deals and Steals!

     Okay, all of us love makeup, but sometimes it can get REALLY expensive! So, I've been keeping my eye out and I wanted to share some findings with you!

I was at Walgreens the other day, and they had a table of coupons! :D So, I picked up a couple. One is a save $1 on all Maybelline New York Cosmetics. It expires October 31st 2011.
I also picked up a save $1 on any Essie nail color or nail care item. This expires October 6th. I usually don't shop with coupons, but I mean, why not? You just saved two bucks there! So go to a local Walgreens and pick some up before they're gone.
Okay, so Sephora ALWAYS has great deals going on. I could go on forever. But I'm just going to name some great deals that I've found. 

-Sephora Collection Mineral Loose Powder Foundation. Original price: $18 Sale: $3
-All Tokidoki Prisma Lip Glosses. Original: $15 Sale:$5
-Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style II Bag Collection. Original: $15-$28 Sale:$5-$9
-Sephora by OPI Chic Prints For Nails. Original: $15 Sale: $5
-Sephora Collection Beauty In A Box Starter Kit Brush Set Original: $36 Sale: $10

So yeah! I figured why not save a few bucks? BTW- The Kat Von D Collection seems to be having a huge sale on a lot of their products.. So you might want to check that out!:) Hope I helped:) 

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