Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Water Bottles! Bobbles?

     Let's talk water bottles. So, this doesn't really have to do with makeup, but it does have to do with beauty! (Kinda) The more water you drink, the prettier your skin. 
     I'm sure you've heard of these water "bobbles". The little thing that hangs into the bottle is a filter. You fill the bobble with water then put the cap on. You squeeze all of the water through the filter. Re-fill it, and repeat. Clean water wherever you go, without having to pay for expensive plastic water bottles. What's wrong with that?
     I've never been a plastic water bottle person. I've always just drank out of the tap. But there wasn't always a sink nearby. My problem is: I'm never thirsty. I only drink when there's water in front of me. But there were never any cute reusable bottles that were small enough to comfortably fit in my hand. This solved the problem. It's super cute AND I know I can trust the neighborhood water fountains because I have the filter. So i really recommend this! It's $10. Plus, you have to buy a new filter every 2 months. SO, kinda expensive. But, it's worth it for me. Hope it is for you!  BTW- I have the pink one:) But I might get the bright blue next time I get a new filter.

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