Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Smokey Diaries- Barley There

     Hello beauties! I hope you had fun reading my last smokey eye post! Even if you didn't, I'm sure you guys will love this one. I know I do! It's really easy to do, and a great everyday look! Let's get started!

-Urban Decay's Primer Potion
-Almay's Eye Trio in 003 for Hazel Eyes
-Great Lash Clear Mascara

     Before you start your look, use an eye primer. Then, go in with a light pink color, and lightly apply to your lids. This pink is super unnoticeable, so you won't look crazily pink.
     Taking a fluffy brush, take a shimmery brown color- I chose a little lighter shade of brown- and go in small circular motions on your outer corners, then drive it a little bit into the crease. This adds the smokey factor, but still keeps the look very light and wearable.
     Highlight under your browbone and your inner tear ducts with a shimmery champagne color.
     Use either a brown or clear mascara- I used clear because I didn't have a brown- and apply as many coats as you want.

    And there you go!! It's a super light and girly look that's prefect for everyday:) Hope you like it!

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